Macro Mastery: Subratha Sanyal’s Photographic Voyage

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Description: Step into the world of minute wonders with “Let’s Talk Photography”, brought to you by the Indian Institute of Photography (IIP)! Join us in this captivating episode as we journey through the macro photography excellence of Subratha Sanyal from West Bengal.

About This Episode: We’re delighted to present Subratha Sanyal, an avid photography learner who completed her three-month online photography course with IIP in 2021. This episode, hosted by the illustrious Khan Sir and IIP’s Founder Director Rajesh Goyal, focuses on Subratha’s exceptional work in macro and close-up photography.

The critique by Khan Sir and Rajesh Goyal delves into the intricacies of Subratha’s assignment, discussing the technicalities and aesthetic nuances that make her work stand out. Whether you’re an aspiring photographer or a seasoned professional, this episode is packed with insights into the fascinating world of macro photography.

What’s Inside: Subratha Sanyal’s Inspirational Journey in Photography Exploring the Micro World: Techniques and Approaches in Macro Photography Detailed Review and Analysis of Macro Photography Assignment The Impact of Online Photography Courses in Nurturing Talent Professional Tips for Aspiring Macro Photographers

Macro Photography Spotlight: Understanding the Essentials of Macro Photography Techniques for Capturing Stunning Macro Images Overcoming Challenges in Macro and Close-Up Photography Gear and Settings for Perfect Macro Shots

Special Highlights: Heartfelt congratulations to Subratha Sanyal on her remarkable achievements in the realm of macro photography Appreciation for Khan Sir and Rajesh Goyal for their expert critique and dedication to photography education We Want to Hear from You! Share your views on Subratha’s macro photography work and discuss your own experiences with photography. Drop a comment below!

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