The Essence of Light in Photography & Life – A Dialogue with Ashwani Tyagi

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Description: In this insightful episode of “Let’s Talk Photography with Rajesh Goyal,” we are honored to feature Ashwani Tyagi, a virtuoso from Delhi with a kaleidoscopic professional palette. Ashwani is not only an expert in photographic art and media but also a well-versed figure in wrestling, acting, filmmaking, philosophy, and astrology.

Ashwani takes us on a journey through the importance of light in photography and astrology, revealing how it influences our perspective and understanding. His expertise, honed through extensive travel across India and over 40 countries, is matched by a career spanning three decades in the dynamic world of audiovisual multimedia and astrology.

His rich tapestry of experiences includes collaborations with diverse professionals and leading a team of creatives. Ashwani’s storytelling weaves in short stories and philosophies, illustrating the pursuit of success and perfection in both personal and professional realms.

Emphasizing the power of calmness, he shares strategies for achieving goals and maintaining tranquility amidst life’s chaos. Ashwani’s multifaceted profile and his command over various disciplines equip our listeners with the wisdom to craft their own stories of success.

In this episode, prepare to be enlightened on the subtleties of light and perspective, and how they can transform your art and life strategies. Ashwani’s unique blend of skills and his seasoned perspective are not to be missed.

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