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Greetings from IIP Foundation!

Beyond words and unbelievable. Who would have thought Year 2020 will be such a defining year in the history of humankind. The Covid-19 Pandemic apart from creating a catastrophe has also opened our eyes and mid to newer ways of adaptability, learning and living. As the world carries on its battle against an unseen enemy, it’s time to open our eyes to newer and bolder perspectives.

The world has to move on. Economies have to get back on track. And in the same vein, the quest for knowledge shouldn’t stop on tracks. As a socially and educationally responsible entity, we at IIP have taken the onus to march towards empowering our photography students and enthusiasts towards newer challenges and opportunities. With the world confined to homes and getting more and more online, we have unveiled a world of online courses to help aid the photography learning processes.

As we unveil newer chapters to be in sync with the new world order, we at IIP truly believe that the World Is All Yours to appreciate, inculcate and learn from. Your thoughts, ideas and contributions are most welcome to drive us ahead.

Feel free to pen down your thoughts to

Best regards
Rajesh Goyal | Founder Director

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