IIP Celebrated Creativity and Talent at The LANDMARK Cultural Journey with Genesis Global School Noida

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Noida, – The pursuit of knowledge goes beyond textbooks and academics. True scholars are those who embrace the diverse facets of life, from music and art to literature and digital skills. To nurture global citizens of tomorrow, a healthy spirit of competition must be instilled in students. Understanding this ideology, Genesis Global School proudly organized LANDMARK, a vibrant and colourful cultural festival designed to unfurl the creativity and potential of students.

LANDMARK offers an equal and fair opportunity to all students who “Aspire to Inspire.” With a plethora of activities, the festival fosters exploration, innovation, and talent. From bold and feisty expressions of colour to the soul-stirring melodies of music and the rhythmic grace of dance, every aspect has been meticulously crafted to propel intellect and unleash latent potential. Over twenty schools from the National Capital Region (NCR) and Delhi are participating in twenty diverse events, creating an atmosphere of celebration and camaraderie among youthful scholars. To ensure fairness and unbiased judgment, a panel of sagacious judges has been assembled to evaluate the talents on display. One such esteemed judge is RJ Stephans, a seasoned photographer from the prestigious IIP Academy. With an eye for detail and a passion for storytelling through the lens, RJ Stephans will bring expertise and critical insight to the Photography event. His discerning eye will recognize the essence of every captured moment, encouraging young photographers to push their creative boundaries.

Joining RJ Stephans on the judging panel is Kamal Kumar, an MFA student and Architect. Kamal’s artistic sensibilities and knowledge of design will contribute to a holistic evaluation of the entries, empowering students to express their perspectives through their photographs. IIP gave away scholarships to the photography competition participants of its One month online Beginner course to further motivate them to learn creativity and grow. 

The Photography event will take place on the 28th of July 2023, at Genesis Global School. IIP Academy for LANDMARK reinforces the belief that true education encompasses a harmonious blend of academics and creative expression. It aims to inspire young minds, encouraging them to embrace their unique talents and passions.

“We are thrilled to witness the creativity and talent of our students and participants in LANDMARK,” said [Name], Principal of Genesis Global School. “Through this festival, we hope to ignite a lifelong love for arts and culture while nurturing the holistic growth of our young learners.”

Genesis Global School is committed to fostering a culture of innovation and creativity among its students, and LANDMARK serves as a testament to their dedication to providing a platform for young talents to shine.

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