IIP Welcomes Manuello Paganelli to Noida, India

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On 14th March 2023, Manuello Paganelli, a renowned photographer and entrepreneur, visited the IIP Institute of Cultural and Creative Arts in Noida, India. The event was a three-hour session that left the students, mentors, and attendees spellbound with insights on business possibilities, personal anecdotes, and enriching experiences.

The session commenced with Manuello sharing his childhood memories and how he discovered his passion for photography. He spoke about his first camera, a Brownie camera gifted by his father, which sparked his interest in the art of photography. He also shared his journey into the field, his mentors, and how Ansel Adams changed his life with just one call.

Manuello Paganelli’s presentation was full of enthusiasm and experience, as he took the audience on a journey through every destination he had visited, shared his amazing exposure, and business ethics. He shared his experiences of working with clients, his approach to photography, and how he manages his business. His talk was both informative and inspirational, and everyone present gained a deeper understanding of the world of photography.

The event was attended by several notable personalities, including Pawan Mehta of Mahatta Studios, Avinash Singh, a senior journalist and educationist, Sushil Khandelwal of SPA, veteran photographer and painter Avinash Agrawal, Venkatesh from KPMG, Governing Council member Param Grewal, and Trustee Shailesh Goyal, as well as mentors and students of the IIP Institute.

The Founder and Chairman of the IIP Institute, Rajesh Goyal, presented Manuello Paganelli with the IIP trophy for his contribution to photography. This was a well-deserved recognition of Manuello’s outstanding work and his impact on the photography industry.

In conclusion, the session with Manuello Paganelli was a truly inspiring day for all attendees. Manuello’s personal anecdotes, business ethics, and experiences left a lasting impression on everyone present. The event was a testament to the IIP Institute’s commitment to providing its students with the best exposure to the world of photography and creativity.

To know more visit: IIP Official Website

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