Unveiling Photography in the Vedas and Amsu Bodhini Shastra by Maharishi Bharadwaj

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Welcome to another captivating episode of “Let’s Talk Photography with Rajesh Goyal,” brought to you by the International Institute of Photography (IIP). In this enlightening installment, we delve deep into the ancient roots of photography, tracing its origins back to the Vedas and the Amsu Bodhini Shastra by the venerable Maharishi Bharadwaj.

Join us as we embark on a journey through time and wisdom, exploring the profound connection between photography and these sacred texts. Discover the astonishing insights and knowledge that the Vedas and Maharishi Bharadwaj’s Amsu Bodhini Shastra offer about the art of capturing moments and visual storytelling.

Rajesh Goyal, our esteemed host and photography aficionado, will be your guide on this remarkable expedition. With his profound expertise and passion for photography, Rajesh will unravel the hidden gems of ancient wisdom that shed light on the art we cherish today.

Whether you’re a seasoned photographer, a history enthusiast, or simply curious about the origins of photography, this episode promises to be a source of inspiration and enlightenment.

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