Logo of IIP Institute of Cultural and Creative Arts is unveiled by IIP’s Mentor and Patron Dr. Rajiv Kumar

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Logo of “IIP Institute of Cultural and Creative Arts is unveiled by IIP’s Mentor and Patron Dr. Rajiv Kumar, Former Vice Chairman of NITI Aayog, Government of India at New Delhi.

Through the glorious history and rich culture of art, passed down through guru-shishya parampara, which has always flowed through the veins of this country. We need to create institutions of art that rise above selfishness and revive cultural art and traditions, while also introducing youth to artificial intelligence and digital and generating art.

Not just India, but the world needs another Nalanda. Imagine if Nalanda’s glorious history were to take shape once again, where there is a flow of artistic and creative education, where performance art, traditional art, and cultural art come together under one roof and give birth to the guru-shishya parampara in a well-equipped environment, so that every kind of art can break free from its boundaries and create its own path, showing the world why India’s art and culture are the best.

IIP Foundation (IIP – Initiatives for India’s Progress), is eager to making this idea into reality. Come, join and create a “New Nalanda” on the land of Uttar Pradesh, let’s build the “IIP Institute of Cultural and Creative Arts” together.

• Photography and Film making
• Creative arts – Painting, Sculpture, Graphics
• Performing arts – Music, Dance and Singing
• Design and Crafts – Digital arts & AI based arts and Crafts of Indian origin
• Media, Culture and Society – Journalism

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