Athira Joy completed her Bachelors degree in Photography at the prestigious Indian Institute of Photography

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We are delighted to showcase the Wall of Fame in our Art Gallery at IIPCCA, dedicated to our alumni who have made exceptional strides in their professional lives and earned well-deserved recognition. It’s a true testament to their hard work and dedication, and we are proud to honor their achievements in this special way. Allow me to introduce you to the remarkable Athira Joy, a gifted Bachelors graduate hailing from Kerala. She completed her degree in Photography at the prestigious Indian Institute of Photography, which has now been renamed to IIP Institute of Cultural and Creative Arts. Athira’s artistic vision is truly unique and innovative, which has contributed immensely to her meteoric rise to celebrity status. As an esteemed alumnus, she is a true inspiration to all aspiring photographers. Currently, Athira is flourishing in her role as a freelance photographer in Kerala, where she continues to create captivating imagery that resonates with her clients and audience. Her unwavering commitment to her craft and her unwavering passion for photography are truly admirable. It is with great pride that we celebrate Athira’s many accomplishments and accolades. Her contributions to the world of photography have made us all proud, and we look forward to seeing her continued success and growth in the future.

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