Noida Based IIP Institute of Cultural and Creative Arts became a Charter Member of BRICS Association of Visual Arts (BAVA)

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The BRICS Seminar on Governance & Cultural Exchange Forum was launched in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province on March 30. During the event, both the BRICS Association for Visual Arts and the BRICS Media & Think Tank Association were officially inaugurated.

The establishment of the BRICS Association for Visual Arts was initiated by the CICG Center for Europe and Asia (China Pictorial Publications) and the Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies. It was established through the joint efforts of various photographic associations and related institutions from BRICS countries. The main objective of this association is to unite photography organizations and related institutions from BRICS countries and create a platform for sharing photography themes and resources through an all-media platform. The platform aims to build an image database on people-to-people exchanges, thereby strengthening cross-cultural communication among BRICS countries.

The BRICS Media & Think Tank Association was set up through joint endeavors of mainstream media outlets and think tanks from BRICS countries. The association aims to provide a platform for information exchange and cooperative activities such as sharing information, organizing academic discussions, conducting joint reporting activities, and facilitating mutual visits. The primary objective is to enhance the influence of BRICS countries by promoting interaction among media organizations and think tanks.

Nine visual arts institutions from BRICS countries joined the BRICS Association for Visual Arts. These included the China Photographers Association, the Union of Photo Artists of Russia, the Indian Institute of Photography, and the Photographic Society of South Africa. Additionally, 19 major media outlets and prestigious think tanks from BRICS countries joined the BRICS Media & Think Tank Association. Among them were Radar China (Brazil) and the Lula Institute (Brazil), Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper (Russia) and Trud newspaper (Russia), Free Press Journal (India) and the Forum for a New South Asia (India), Independent Media Group (South Africa), the Euro-Asian Social Development Research Institute under the Development Research Center of the State Council of China, China Daily, and China News Service.

The establishment of these associations was warmly received by relevant institutions of BRICS countries since they aim to strengthen understanding and mutual trust among the peoples of BRICS countries and implement the consensus among BRICS leaders. The initiatives of these associations were expected to contribute towards the advancement of cultural exchange and cooperation among the BRICS nations.

“Mr.Rajesh Goyal, Charter member of the association and Chairman of IIP spoke on the need and importance of the BAVA and how can contribute in this era through art and cultural exchange through video presentation.”

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