Why Fine Arts And Photography Have A Great Scope In India?

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Creative Fine art course like photography can benefit the National Education Policy 2020 in a big way. No doubt you’ve heard people say that “the left side of the brain is the logical and analytical, whereas the right side of the brain is artistic and creative”.
Study: Creativity Should be Taught as a Course 89% of U.S. Professionals Surveyed Believe Creativity Should be Built into Standard Curricula.

IIP is my second home, and amazed me by the standards they are following to establish Fine Arts and Photography learning in India. A Nikon Ambassador and Adobe partner, I was fascinated by the rich Indian cultural heritage and studied Indian aesthetics. For me, the IIP Academy  is a dynamic, culturally vibrant and at the same time very professional institution, that offers a wide range of seminars, lectures and workshops on photography.By Prof. Dr. Maja Jerrentrup
Bonn, Germany | Mentor at IIP Academy

On the occasion of IIP’s Founder’s day, Directors of the IIP Academy for Fine Arts & Research Centre share their views on NEP 2020 and how the new policy creates a suitable environment for furthering creative studies in India, with a special focus on Fine Arts Photography and the study of history of photography and its applications in current times. In photography, it is always important to know the ‘subject’ at study closely, for which IIP has introduced Ethnographic Portraits and Documentary Photography.

How does a course like photography benefit from the National Education Policy 2020?

NEP 2020 is a milestone for an institute like ours as it supports creative courses like Fine Arts, including photography, painting, sculpture etc. I believe that Arts has the ability to make a positive impact on our overall GDP as it can create a parallel economy in our country. For instance, paintings and photographs by artists are often sold in crores. However, to generate such a huge money, only an artist of great potential equipped with canvas and colours is required. To nurture such talented minds in the country and abroad, IIP has envisioned many creative courses to further the aspirations of such people. In a recent survey, over 89% students believed that creativity improves overall decision-making processes. The current regime understands these facts and that is why NEP 2020 supports creativity in a big way. The government has said that it will contribute 6% of the country’s GDP to education.

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