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Photography gives a chance to create your own plot, to choose your own characters and tell stories. It’s a medium through which you can portray your interpretation of the world. These ideas are stories that connect to the onlookers, engaging them in a conversation. 

IIPian Sritam Badtya, BFA III year – 2020-21

As a photographer & storyteller you have this unique ability to define how you see the world. when I started photographing human subjects, That I realized Poses often have a “forced” look to them. They make subjects feel and look uncomfortable, especially if they’re not used to being in front of the camera. There’s no way the subject is going to go back into the exact same position they were in before. So, this creates variation, a more relaxed and natural look. It allows you to create something that captures some of the the subject’s own personality. I’m looking for Essence is defined as the most important quality of a person or subject. To capture character means to the essence of who your subject is, what do they think and feel, and
how do they express themselves. but instead to capture their inner essence emotions the subject experiences in socialist realism way of art. 

In photography there was a tendency for photographers to emulate the painters or to use the photograph to assist the artist with his composition. The photograph was a means of recording the complexity of the world with all its detail. It was ‘real’. they discovered that the photograph was also a way of simplifying the sometimes chaotic view before them. They could choose what would be ‘in the frame’ or not, eliminating the unnecessary and focusing on the important detail. As an artist my style makes use of simplifying subjects to be able to put down into the image my feelings about the subject.

There are certainly lots of things that inspire me. As a fashion photographer I do not believe in any one standard of beauty. I believe in pluralistic beauty and cherish what I call “traces of life.” Wrinkles, different body shapes, and life stories are important to me. I Always inspired by people, not at all by their social status and their fortune or level of Fame. I likes to show truth, reality, and beauty at a different angle. It is very unique and very necessary.

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses. It’s in the sky, street and each idea that decodes the way we live and responds to what is happening around us. A storyteller of dreams, characters, aspiration, fairy tales and concept & Ideas, reflection how he weaves those tales through his lens. I always shoot in a socialistic, realism, black & white, Grainy and natural style. I discussed with my team members and Fashion designer; “Basically is a homegrown brand that focuses on ethical, sustainable ways of production and consumption of one of our primary needs of everyday clothing. 

Basically it is all about comfort, ease and familiarity. Our inspiration comes from the world around us and the world within – combining the tangible and the intangible aspects that make up our life. It is an ode to slow living, An effort to counter the fast “disposable” fashion. Founded in 2020, We are an online clothing and lifestyle company focused on creating well designed, quality essentials made using natural and organic materials. Basically was born out of a desire to redefine the way consumers approach fashion and interact with their garments by inspiring them to consider their garment’s purpose and lifecycle. With silhouettes that move easily between bold statements and timeless classics, We create garments that seamlessly integrate in your every day wardrobe to stay with you and be loved by you for a long time. For this purpose. I choose simplicity as photography term it’s very familiar to the outfits design.

“Simplicity” means different things to different people and we have to realize this as we try to understand what it means to us individually. One such term. It was used to give a sense of ‘oneness’ in which the image could stand on its own and tell the story, that the contents contained nothing more in detail than was required by the photographer to achieve his purpose. Isn’t a physical attribute; it’s a concept. when all those elements that a photographer uses frame, perspective, focus, time come together and the viewer feels the connection immediately with the image because they
understand the meaning. For this shoot I’m looking for the oldest & vintage place to show Indian cultural & history values as documentary style in a social visual environment. I talked with some photographers and researched it. So, I found something artistic in “Torani works”, it’s an Indian ethnical designs outfits founded by Karan Torani. I take examples of some of his ideas and concept how they create their own narrated stories as a reference. I choose “Khari baoli” Indians call it Mirchi market. It’s famous for Asia’s largest dry fruits wholesale market.

Documented and photographed by: IIPian Sritam Badtya, BFA III year

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Manisha Bartia
Manisha Bartia
November 2, 2020 1:59 PM

I’m proud for yours excellent simplicity documtry. really it’s so wanderful photography .may god bless you & all yours dreams may comes blessing are always with you my son.

Manisha Bartia
Manisha Bartia
November 2, 2020 2:00 PM

I’m proud for yours excellent simplicity documtry. really it’s so wanderful photography .may god bless you & all yours dreams may comes true

Sritam Badatya
Sritam Badatya
November 2, 2020 2:12 PM

Thank you sir

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