The Upcoming Film City will be a Boon for IIP!

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Diploma in Film Making

Since IIP has already inducted filmmaking courses in its curriculum, this gives it an edge when it comes to providing highly skilled professionals related to filmmaking for the upcoming Film City in Noida.  

Rajesh Goyal, Founder Director, IIP

On 14 June 2020, the whole nation was stunned on hearing the untimely demise of the brilliant actor – Sushant Singh Rajput. His sudden demise brought the entire focus on the trials and tribulations faced by “outsiders” in the Film industry today. Coming from the same industry, I too felt deeply sad and, consequently, put out a post on my social media handles regarding the setting up of a Film City in our state, wherein I tagged our Hon’ble Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.   

Since a long time now, I’ve been advocating for a Film City in Uttar Pradesh. On 26 June 2020, I also put out a post on my social media handles regarding the saturation of the Film industry in Bollywood. This “saturation” has not gone unnoticed and many industry pundits have been brainstorming over it. In times to come, we will definitely see many new changes being adopted in the industry.

In this context, the timely announcement made by our CM Yogi Adityanath regarding the setting up of the Film City in Noida will prove to be a milestone achievement for the state and the youth across the country. This announcement has been made at a very big level and is to be implemented on fast-track basis.

Around 1,000 acres of land has already been allotted on the Yamuna Expressway for the upcoming Film City. I heartily welcome this step taken by the State Government which will prove beneficial for the youth wanting to pursue a career in the Film industry. I believe when an initiative of such a magnitude is to be realised, it requires a proper brainstorming with relevant stakeholders to turn it into a reality.

Since Uttar Pradesh is a melting pot of different cultures, values and mindsets, the state becomes an ideal spot for the setting up of the Film City. Home to the land of Lord Shiva, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, the state has a great many value centres spread across the length and breadth of it, starting from Varanasi in the east to Mathura in the west. Moreover, the state is blessed with pristine natural landscapes and lush greenery all around. Such spots can be developed as ideal centres for film shooting points. These places can also be turned into Film Tourism hubs. Therefore, the selection of Uttar Pradesh as the home of upcoming Hindi Film City is ideal in every respect.

Additionally, the befitting location of Yamuna Expressway coupled with the upcoming Jewar International Airport offers great connectivity to Noida, Greater Noida and Delhi. Noida and Greater Noida are also known for being good educational hubs blessed with modern infrastructural facilities.

With Film City becoming functional in few years from now, the demand for professionals like high-end photographers, cinematographers, scriptwriters, screenwriters, directors, film editors, etc will gain momentum in the region. This is where IIP Academy of Fine Arts and Research Center comes in. As a pre-established institute in the region with a diploma course on filmmaking, we will have a huge advantage of catering to this emerging demand in future from the industry stalwarts. Moreover, our years of proven experience in the field of photography and the expertise of our mentors and students will surely make us stand out as a brand in the eyes of the Film industry.

Today, students from not just India, but also from foreign lands are flocking over to IIP. With its ingenious approach to Fine Arts Photography, IIP has managed to make its presence felt all across the globe. Today, we’re a premier and preferred institution for photography enthusiasts.

At IIP, we try to make our students see photography as an art form. Through our inventive learning approach, we show them how a photograph can create a vivid picture while giving immense recognition to the photographer, sometimes globally. Our philosophy is to make our students a brand in themselves. At IIP, the mentors are inclined towards creating high-quality professional photographers and filmmakers. Unless we develop such professionals, we can’t turn them into a brand. We work with the methodology and mindset of making our institute and students top notch in the field of Photography and Filmmaking.

We aim at inculcating our students with the Indian culture and values and not just educate them about photography or filmmaking. A sound knowledge of our culture and values is a must for every Fine Arts Photographer and a budding Filmmaker in order to depict the cultural ethos of our country perfectly.

With respect to photography, we believe that learning photography at IIP is a two-way process, wherein each and every student and mentor can learn this beautiful art form together with each passing day. Consider, how beautiful it must when discussions about Fine Arts Photography bring out varied emotions and impressions in the minds of students which are then passed on to teachers in various ways. Therefore, photography is not limited to textbook learning, it’s a process wherein involvement of mentors and learners can bring out the very essence of this art form in diverse ways.

With respect to the upcoming film city on Yamuna Expressway, the best part for IIP is that we’d already decided to set up our centre there as well. We’ve already moved ahead in this regard. This is a big advantage for us and our students. By 2024, our vision is to make IIP Academy as IIP University of Fine Arts and Research Centre. Fine Arts include Photography, Painting, Sculpting, Pottery, Applied Arts, Filmmaking, Film Production, and other related support courses – Studio Assistance, Make-up, Styling, Hair Styling and other such vocational courses are what we will soon be introducing in our curriculum. We are also collaborating for many of these courses.

Students at IIP will not just be having an option to do graduation and post-graduation studies in these Fine Arts courses but will also have the opportunity to learn these vocational courses and earn diploma degrees too. This will be also being a great way for a student to discover his hidden skillsets.

Generally, students from the northern belt of India feel reluctant to go down south to cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore or Mumbai, worried about the hurdles that they might face there, or the difficulties their parents may face in their absence. So, in the coming 3-4 years, by the time our fresh batch graduates, we will be having great opportunities for them at our very own Film City in Noida.

If NEP 2020 is a gift from PM Modi to the Education sector, the announcement of Film City is a gift from CM Yogi Adityanath to the youth. Along with NEP 2020, we require a good infrastructure, a good vision, the mission to achieve the vision, quality professionals i.e., our students, and opportunities to such brilliant-minded students. Therefore, we believe that the upcoming Film City in Noida is a great step forward to strengthen the points made in NEP 2020 regarding creativity or creative learning.

The picture is clear on the wall, the future belongs to us.

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