Portrayal of Himachal

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In Northerner India, there is a state known as Himachal Pradesh (H.P) filled up with natural beauty. Himachal is situated in the western Himalayas or bordered by Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, and Haryana.

Nature plays an important role in Himachal weathers, winter is very cold and summers are cool and pleasant here.

In Himachal, life is not so fast. Peoples don’t live in the modern world, they reside in the dense forests of Himachal Pradesh. They just believe in the valleys and mountains of Himachal as their home. That’s why they live so simply and peacefully.

Himachalis are humble, hardworking, polite by nature and represent respect towards nature. They are very peaceful people who believe in working hard. Here people take dinner early and prefer to stay indoors after 6 pm. People are doing their work at a slow pace but never get tired of their work and never get frustrated by their work. They have owned a unique culture that attracts the whole of India towards them.

Photostory by IIPian Vishwas Sunita Shrivastava taken during his studies as a project. 

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