The Joy of Reliving Bird Photography – An Adventurous Trip to sattal, Uttarakhand

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India presents an incredible Diaspora of nature and wildlife that adds to the nation’s overall appeal. Over the years, it has gained fame and love around the world for this natural treasure. From flora to fauna, India is indeed a land of nature’s bounty of surprises!

One such surprise that beholds nature’s charm to the fullest is SaatTaal or the land of seven lakes – an interconnected group of seven freshwater lakes situated in the Lower Himalayan Range near Bhimtal, a town of the Nainital district in UttarakhandIndia. These seven lakes named Panna TalNal-Damyanti Tal, Purna Tal, Sita Tal, Ram Tal, Laxman Tal and Sukha Tal are also a paradise for migratory birds topped with its pure and green natural vistas. Sattal is a home for around 500 species of resident and migratory birds, 20 species of mammals, over 525 species of butterflies and over 11,000 species of moths, beetles, bugs and other insects. Make it a splendid backdrop for people enchanted with bird photography.

In a verbal interaction, Prashant recalls how he woke up after finishing his course feeling dispirited to leave his photographic quest for winged companions.

 “Photography for me has constantly included nature, with a larger portion consisting capturing flying creatures. That practically was simply the main thing I connected the most with…not even the warm blooded animals, just pure love for feathered creatures. This was the scene until I joined a course to contemplate Photography as a subject. For over two years I was extremely content with photographing birds, be it going with companions or alone on occasions” 
– Prashant Prakash, Travel and WildLife Photographer and a student of Indian Institute of Photography, Noida

Road through the hills is quite narrow and steep.
Scenes from Sattal, a place with more lakes and water bodies than Pangot


The photographic endeavour at Sattaal brings forth the natural splendor of the place to the fullest. Bringing forward a vivid display of amazing and awe-inspiring display of winged creatures that’s a delight to the eyes and solace to the soul.

At IIP, we always believe in elevating photography into a hallowed form of art. Art that lets one explore, think and give shape to ideas to bring a holistic difference to the society. Leading the way with a decade of innovation and educational excellence, IIP has truly emerged as a torchbearer of photography education in India. 

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