IIP is a League Apart from Other Institutes!

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Dr. Vikas Gupta, Associate Professor, Dept. of Art & Photography, IIP Academy for Fine Arts and Research Centre, Noida

Please tell us about your new courses at IIP?

We have BFA and MFA level course programs in Photography at IIP. These programs are with the specialization of Fine Arts Photography, including Documentary Photography and Conceptual Photography. IIP is unique in this matter as there’s no other institute that provides such courses in photography. At IIP, the focus is one Fine Arts Photography, taking the artistic and theoretical sides of photography into consideration. We want our students to be storytellers rather than just being design-oriented commercial photographers. Therefore, our courses are very innovative and a league apart from other institutes.

Why should budding photographers join IIP?

At IIP, students get an ambience for professional-level, studio practice of photography. Our studios are well-equipped with avant-garde technologies to make photography learning an enriching experience. We also have model shoots, studio-based Portraiture Photography, Food Photography, Product Photography, etc. We provide all kinds of training to make a novice turn into an expert photographer. Our course is designed in such a manner that theoretical learning is an integral part of our curriculum, including history of photography, technicality behind photography and philosophy of photography. We teach them application of such theoretical concepts, besides studio-based practical learning. Theoretical learning of photography is highly neglected in India and this is where we are unique compared with others.   

For details regarding Photography education, scope in industry, detailed catalogue please write us at info@iipedu.com

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