Bandna Festival: Indian Art and Cultural Documentation

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Bandna Festival of Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

Project by: IIPian Chinmay Kumar Mahato

India is a vast country with a lot of diversity in her physical and social environment. The cultural roots of Indian life can be traced back to the Vedic period. This root gradually spread to Indian culture in course of time with its branches.

Bandna Parab  popularly know as Gohal Puja this festival basically associated with the agricultural, religious and socio-cultural activities. Bandna is chiefly for the domestic animals. It is celebrated annually during the Amavasya of Kartik month. The song dedicated for this festival is called Ohira to thank the animals that are partner in their day-to-day agricultural activities.

Farmers clean their animals, feed them well, give them complete rest, decorate and ornate them. The belief behind this festival is animals are integral part of human’s life.

The most exciting day of the bandna week is the last day. Bulls and buffalos are chained to a strong pole and they are attacked with a dry animal Hyde. The angry and excited animals hit the dry skin with its horns and the crowd enjoy looking at its anger and excitement.

Man-animal relationship is a very old phenomenon, Bandna Parab thanks giving ceremony is a appropriate example in this connection.

Photos with post are originally clicked by IIPian Chinmay Kumar Mahato in their own home town in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

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